Rules & Regulations

Be Safe and Courteous for the Best Time Ever!


We have 24-hour security on site call 413-569-3930. If it’s after hours, please leave a message and someone will return your call ASAP. For EMERGENCIES, please call 911.




Only one car per site, additional cars must be parked in the parking lot.




5mph STRICTLY ENFORCED for vehicles of any type.




We operate on wells, please do your part to conserve water.




10:00PM -8:00AM. STRICTLY ENFORCED No outside radios, TVs, or loud voices. We will only ask ONCE, then you will be asked to leave.




Weather permitting, (NO WIND) fires are allowed until 12AM (as per Southwick Fire Dept Regulations) DO NOT move the fire ring. Fires must be inside the fire ring provided and must be kept low. You are required to put fires out at midnight.




We provide wood at a VERY reasonable cost. Beginning with the 2010 camping season, transportation of firewood into or out of Sodom Mountain Campground must be prohibited. Firewood is available for sale at the campground. Anyone caught cutting trees will be banned from returning to camp.




Your children 12 years and under MUST be with PARENT no later than 9PM. Teens MUST be with PARENT by 10PM. As a parent, it is your responsibility to assure your child’s whereabouts, and safety at ALL TIMES. NO CHILD OR TEEN MAY EVER BE LEFT AT THE PARK WITHOUT AN ADULT IN CHARGE.




Pool is open from 10am to 8pm. Kids must have an adult (18 or over) strictly enforced.




Are allowed in most areas of the park. Unsafe hills are marked with NO BIKE signs. Please make sure your child is aware of these areas. Massachusetts Law – 16 years and under MUST WEAR A HELMET. Bikes must be back on site by 8PM or Dusk whichever comes first. NO motor bikes or motorized recreational vehicles of any kind are allowed. NO skateboards.




Your pets are welcome, on a leash. PLEASE never leave your pet bark; never leave your pet unattended at the park, pick up after your pet, observe “NO PET” signs at the pool. No pets may be left outside your trailer unattended-day or night. Children may not walk dogs without an adult. No aggressive breed of any kind. We have the right to forfeit your pet camping privilege if we feel the pet is a nuisance in any way, or a safety threat to other camps.




Please place your site trash in a secure plastic bag and place it in dumpster-locations on the map. Please discard ONLY your camping household trash. Anyone seen discarding anything other than household trash will incur additional fees.




Don’t miss our beautiful, marked hiking trails. The trails are NOT for use by children or pets without an ADULT. There are steep cliffs and ponds.




Guests must register at the front office and park in the parking lot. Sorry, no dog visitors. Guest Rates. Day pass valid from 10:00AM – 10:00PM. Overnight passes are valid till 12:00PM noon next day.




Any party wishing to use the facilities after check-out time may make their request at the office by 10AM on the morning of their scheduled departure. Fees will be based on length of extended stay. NO EARLY CHECK IN without prior request BEFORE arrival. We need time to prepare sites and facilities.




A 100% refund minus a $35 fee will be given if the cancellation occurs with 48 hours of placing the booking and 10 days or more days ahead of the arrival date.

A 50% refund will be given if the cancellation occurs after 48 hours from the date of booking and 10 or more days ahead of the arrival date.

No refunds will be given if the reservation is cancelled less than 10 days ahead of arrival date.
If only a deposit is taken, card will be charged the full amount for no shows or late cancellations.
ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS on Holiday weekends and Cabins for ANY reason.



We do our very best to accommodate your site preference

HOWEVER we do not guarantee any site – Under certain circumstances we may need to use another site with the same hook ups and proximity to your request. Groups making their reservations together in a timely manner WILL be placed together.



We do our very best to keep our facilities clean and in good working order. Please report to us, anything you find unacceptable on sites or in the bath houses for our immediate attention.
We are privately owned and reserve the rights to deny or revoke any camping privilege to any registered or unregistered guest at any time we feel the person or persons are a disturbance to us or any of our guests. Absolutely no refunds will be given. Our local police department works very closely with us to ensure a safe and peaceful environment. Absolutely no illegal drugs, firearms, knives, or fireworks are allowed.

Please Note: This is a recreational campground and not a permanent residence. In the event of an emergency loss of water/power/bath facilities, you are responsible for your own alternative living arrangement

We reserve the right to charge the credit card on file for any outstanding balances or damages done to our property on your account.

Sodom Mountain Campground
233 S. Loomis Street
Southwick, MA 01077

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